iPhone 7 now exploding like the Samsung galaxy note 7, I think there are strong forces working against this world leading smartphones because there has been a report that iPhone 7 exploding in China for no reason.
According to yahoo report; they said the world leading smartphones makers which are (apple and Samsung) copied their self which means the Samsung copied Apple designs and technology which made apple to sue the Samsung company for being a copycat but this doesn’t stop Samsung till they decided to created a 132-page internal document to help its engineers copy the iPhone pixel by pixel.
Well, iPhone is innocent of all this. The iPhone maker has imitate many features from Android in recent years but it wouldn’t have bring iPhone down like this if Samsung don’t copy their products. Hmmm things have gone too far now.
Apple didn’t take or copy any of Samsung designs which is their rival but was only jealous that Samsung exploding Galaxy Note 7 is stealing some of iPhone 7 airtime, so it built an exploding smartphone of its own.
Lolzz, I think this is another cause of the explosion.

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