10 Things Only Women With Big B00bs Can Understand

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If you’ve got C-cup or larger-sized breasts, chances that it feels like you permanently have a toddler attached to your body, and like most demanding children, they dominate your whole life.
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Top 10 Big Bóob Problems:
1. Under-bóob sweat
2. Your brás being mistaken for áss-holders and/or hats
3. Budgeting to afford a brá that actually fits
4. Finding the right specialty brá shop with a correctly-trained fitter you actually trust, or at the very least, just finding a store that actually carries your size
5. Packing a larger suitcase just to fit your brás into
6. Figuring out ways to get your insurance to pay for a bréast reduction
7. Demi-cup overspill
8. Shopping for clothes based on whether or not you can wear a brá with them
9. Wondering if a guy is actually looking at you or only interested in your chest
10. How not to look crazy while holding your boobs to avoid black eyes during a run
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