5 ways to know you’re having an orgasm

For some people, maybe a part of me as well, the first reaction to the headline would be if you need ways to know that you’re having an orgasm, guess what? You’re not having an orgasm or never had one because if you’ve had one, there is no way in hell you’ll forget how it feels, moreover it’s even difficult to explain but not impossible to.

Orgasm is one of those things that is hard to describe, the one that takes about 80% of hand gestures that the other people in the conversation don’t understand. So, for someone to have to give you ways to describe it, then you either need to change partners, or take care of yourself by yourself more. The decision is yours.

While not everyone is the same, we should understand that some people still need guidance about this, and people who haven’t experienced it yet, and want to know how to know when it happens.

A quick definition of orgasm, it is one of the most intense feelings of pleasure you’ll ever experience, and it happens when there is a release of built up tension that has been accumulated during to sexual stimulation, more clearly, when you and your partner are making out, and the touching and kissing gets intense, and some organs get hard while another gets slippery, really slippery.

Orgasm happens when there is a release of built up tension that has been accumulated during to sexual stimulation.

Depending on the body of the lady, this release can come from either oral sex or penetration sex, for a lucky few, they can get from both.

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As sexual stimulation builds, there are a few pointers in your body that lets you know this. Some of them are the nipples get hard, heart beats faster, your breath quickens, and the private part gets flooded with blood internally. If any of this happens then you’re aroused.

The arousal continues to build, these feelings will continue until it ends with a climax, ideally.

As all of this is happening in your body, you’re approaching orgasm. There are a couple of things that will happen to your body.

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1. Rapid breathing and moaning

As orgasm is about to happen, the moaning increases as well as breathing becomes short and rapid.

As your body is about to release the tension pent up in your body through arousal, the pleasure and sweet sensation will cause you to quicken your breathing, you breathe faster, and your moaning will increase as your body is about to be ravaged by intense pleasure.

2. Pelvic lifting or thrusting

Because your body is about to go in overdrive mode, the part of your body where the female reproductive organ is located gets intense and your pelvis region lifts up or thrusts into the air. The blood lodged there is about to be dispersed, sometimes the movement is involuntary.

3. Contractions in the vagina

The intense feeling causes vaginal contraction. 

As the pressure build you in your body, and all of the blood is packed down there, as climax approaches, there is contraction inside the vagina, the vagina muscles become tighter, as the release is apparent.

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4. Finger/Toe curling

One thing this distinct orgasmic feeling gives you is the involuntary toe or finger curling that happens as orgasm approaches. The feeling is so intense that these things happen and you probably don’t know until your partner tells you. Some ladies have been told, their eyes almost roll back into their skull.

5. Euphoria feeling

There is a good feeling that follows just means bliss

Asides from the feelings in your body, your mind isn’t left out. You get this intense feeling of joy and satisfaction when orgasm occurs. It lifts off this heavy weight with the sexual release. Trust me that feeling is worth it as your friend described it to you. It feels like you have epiphany, a sudden realization of how life is good and all is well.

Before we round this off, not everyone can experience orgasm, but sex is still awesome. You can still enjoy the feeling, having sex or making love is more of exploring each other’s bodies.

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