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Have you ever been stopped by a LASTMA official?  For those of you who don’t know them, LASTMA officials are traffic wardens authorized by the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority.  They are usually identified by their beige/maroon uniforms and their uncanny knack for collecting bribes after forcefully entering a traffic offender’s vehicle and threatening to take offenders to the closest LASTMA office.

Funny as it may seem to the ‘non-lagosian’ driver, these supposed traffic authorities (well not to generalize but the average LATMA officials) are rascals in Lagos state issued uniforms. They bully and pilfer hard  earned money from lagos motorists.

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Officer Titus is a satirized replica of the average encounter with a typical LASTMA officer. Each episode is about 3-5 minutes long, but every time I watch an episode I can’t help but burst out in tears. Funny enough I’ve actually been stopped by LASTMA officials about 3 times and honestly each episode reminds me of at least one of my encounters with them which all ended up with them jumping into my car and haranguing me for a bribe.

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Ndani does a commendable job with this show. The cinematography is very eye-catching and even better is the plot of each episode. Each episode has a funny twist as to what happens to Officer Titus and how he gets himself in and out of unforeseen circumstances . It’s really entertaining and I encourage you to check it out and let me know what you think

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Watch the hilarious first episode below:

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