5 Great Movies Coming To Netflix In August [See List]

It has really been a redhot season with Netflix, I can dare to say my eyes have been seriously watered by their recent movies release and trailers ranging from zodiac, 13th, the prestige, to kubo and the two strings  I really hope you,ve seen that, and lots more. Ok,I think I am going to compile a list of  best 2017 Netflix movies in my next post so stay tuned.

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For today, we’ve already put together the full list of this month’s incoming movies, as you can see here. But if you really want our personal favorites from the lot, this is the place to be. So prepare yourself for the following blockbusters.

1. The Matrix Trilogy

The Matrix Reloaded Neo bullet freeze

You can’t really tell people what The Matrix is, as people ultimately have to see it for themselves. And in that respect, you really can’t watch just one Matrix movie, as all three make up one massively interesting story. I mean  Matrix Reloaded, Matrix Revolutions.

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2. Sing

Adorable Sing still

This is one movie you should keep o your radar.  Rest assured, this kid’s musical is one that everyone will find something to enjoy about it.

3. Lord of War

Lord of War Nic Cage at gunpoint

Lord of War is a champagne picture between the two collaborators(Andrew Niccol and Nicholas Cage), as it satirizes the world of arms dealing and government contracting, while at the same time showing off the darker side of the lurid dream that Cage’s Yuri Orlov is living out. Equal parts funny and frightening, it’s a film that’s so much fun, the really harsh stuff hits all the harder when it comes home to roost.

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