May weather Vs Mc Gregor. Mayweather Winner after 10 rounds

The results are in and Floyd Mayweather defeated Conor McGregor in their boxing match!

The highly anticipated fight took place at the T-Mobile Arena on Saturday night (August 26) in Las Vegas.

Mayweather now remains undefeated with a record of 50-0. This was the first time that Conor has set foot in a boxing ring.

The match ended with a TKO in the 10th round following a strong start from Conor in the early rounds.

The match is on track to become the most successful match in history and it is expected to bring in over $500 million in PPV revenue. Most of this money will be going to Mayweather. 

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McGregor’s greatest chance of success came in using his superior size and weight – he was 3.5lbs heavier at Friday’s weigh-in and bigger still in the ring – to smother Mayweather, set a high pace and deny him the time and space with which he excels.

A potential awkwardness at not having boxed professionally could also have threatened the American’s ability to read and time him as quickly as he had so many others, but that never proved the case and by the fourth he was taking control.

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Beyond a reasonable left uppercut in the opening round as Mayweather chose to analyse his unusual opponent – who repeatedly switched his stance – the punches he threw proved how unsuited he is to boxing at this level and how the two should never have shared a ring.

A recurring theme throughout the fight began in the second, when referee Robert Byrd had to warn McGregor for punching behind the head. Mayweather’s defence nullified any potential sting in the Irishman’s punches and then responded with two sharp right hands of his own.

McGregor’s renewed aggression at the start of the fourth was swiftly turned against him as Mayweather began to read him, landing another big right on the counter after ensuring another remained out of range.

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Thereafter, uncharacteristically he turned aggressor, attempting to walk his opponent down in a way he last regularly did while fighting at a far lighter weight.

In a farcical sixth-round moment Mayweather was turned and McGregor again went without punishment for punching behind the head, but by its conclusion he was showing significant signs of fatigue and unravelling amid numerous further right hands.


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