Ethiopia’s New Cabinet is 50% Women: “Women ministers will disprove old adage that women can’t lead”

While announcing his ministerial nominees to the Ethiopian parliament, the country’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, 42 who said that women now make up 50% of the cabinet, declared: “Our women ministers will disprove the old adage that women can’t lead.”

10 of the 20 cabinet positions went to women, including the appointment of Aisha Mohammed as defence minister-the first woman to hold that position in the country, Independent reports.

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“This decision is the first in the history of Ethiopia and probably in Africa,” Ahmed said.

Former House Speaker, Muferiat Kamil was named as Minister of Peace where she’ll oversee the country’s National Intelligence and Security Service, the Information Network Security Agency, the Federal Police Commission and the Finance Security and Information Center.

The nominations were approved by Ahmed’s fellow politicians because women were “less corrupt than men”.

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Ahmed said: “This is to show respect to the women for all the contribution they have made to the country. The new cabinet is expected to reform their respective ministries, remove the walls of bureaucracy, and bring innovation and technology to provide services efficiently.”

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