Game of Thrones S7 episode 2 recap “Stormborn”


Daenerys makes up for her lack of dialogues in the first episode with her onslaught of questions directed at Varys on how she could trust the man who’s always been on the side of her sworn enemies. Tyrion advises her to take a leap of faith and also, to ally with Jon Snow! Cersei’s men are few and their emotional support for their queen is waning too. So burning Westeros down ain’t her best course of action either, for “You’re not here to be queen of the ashes.”

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Their surprise visitor, Melisandre, instead of prophecies, has the same counsel for the Queen of the Dragons – get Jon Snow. Daenerys consents on the conditon that Jon bends before her and acknowlegdes her as his queen – good luck with that that.

Meanwhile, Cersei has found a way to keep the dragons at bay! A giant-sized crossbow doesn’t seem the most kick-ass way to go, but who knows…

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Olenna Tyrell and Yara see the sense in Tyrion’s strategy to take on King’s Landing and Casterly Rock. Daenerys’s strong point now seems the sound advice of the worldy people around her, as much as the fire-spitting dragons.

Arya has learnt about the fate of the Boltons and Jon’s standing in the North. Her determination towards her cause gets steelier still.

Jon lays down what’s going on with Daenerys and Sam’s discovery of the dragonglass. While he’s ready to make the journey to Dragonstone, it’s his idea to have Sansa take his place as the commander in the North. One stone, two birds?

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Get ready for a tearjerker, for Nymeria’s back!

The episode ends with the naval battle of the Greyjoys. After all the pulsating goings on of the episode up to that point, this wasn’t the climax fans were hoping for. But, Cersei’s stand has been reiterated.

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