See Drake’s New Tattoo of Lil Wayne

Award winning rapper Drake had recently shared a photo of himself on his Instagram page and we couldn’t help but notice his new tattoo! On closer look, it’s actually a tattoo of the Cash Money rapper, Lil Wayne. Now the big question is, why does he have to draw a tatoo with the face of his fellow rapper on his body?

The reason is;

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Lil Wayne played an integral part of Drake career before he became who he is today, some might even say there’d be no Drake without Lil Wayne. Could this his way of paying homage to his colleague and mentor?

Before now Drake has gotten tattoos of other musicians who have influenced his music like Aaliyah and Sade. He also got a matching camouflage shark tattoo with Rihanna. We get to notice that its more like a thing to him. Lets check out this pics to be sure.


Fan Love! Have you seen Drake's New Tattoo of Lil Wayne?

Fan Love! Have you seen Drake's New Tattoo of Lil Wayne?

Ok lemme ask can you draw the tatoo o those who inspire you on your skin? Drop your comments below let’s know your thoughts.

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